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Tennessee Williams: Glass Menagerie (BETEGSÉG MIATT ELMARAD) a jegyek a 19-ei előadásra érvényesek

2015-06-18 @ 19:30 - 21:00



GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams

„Glass menagerie” by Tennessee Williams is black comedy about manic depressive mother who ruins the life of her autistic children. The mother’s road to hell is filled with her love and good intentions…. In the last 70 years there were thousands stagings of „Glass menagerie” in theatres all over the world, 5 movies, parodies, adaptations… Our Budapest version of „Glass Menagerie” is bit different…

GLASS MENAGERIE directed by Oliver Micevski

Gepostet von Contemporary Theatre am Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Part of the reviews for our performance „Glass menagerie”:

…The play with an international cast was directed by a young and very talented director, Oliver Micevski. It was one of the BEST performances I’ve seen recently! A piece of Broadway came to life in a small alternative theatre in Budapest thanks to the original direction. The performance was dynamic & gave a new interpretation of the play revealing all the hidden secrets that lie beneath the surface of the text…

Gabriella Toth

University of Szeged
Ph.D British and American Culture

…The four-person performance of The Glass Menagerie in Budapest…scored a hit. Devotees of Williams’s original play may be somewhat surprised at this modern version, but the acting and altered story line should also offer a new and possibly more interesting experience.

Percy Blakeney


Director: Oliver Micevski
Cast: Timea Kasa, Darko Stefanovski, Adela Koutna, Daniel Hall
Stage designer: Roberta Monty
Costume designer: Oliver Micevski
Production Manager : Karolina Patynko

Language: ENGLISH

Length: 90 min.




19:30 - 21:00
Esemény típus:


RS9 Színházterem
Rumbach Sebestyén u. 9.
Budapest, 1075
+ Google Térkép


Jegyfoglalás: / 06-1-269-66-10

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