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Living as a story maker and a story teller [VK]

2017-12-08 @ 19:30 - 20:30


An evening with Andrew Wright

Publicity for a story evening

A bit about me:
I have partly earned my living over more than 50 years both as a storyteller and storywriter, working as a storyteller in 55 countries, mainly in schools but also in cafes and in the street, and as a storywriter for West German Television, the BBC and ITV, Oxford University Press and EJ Arnold.  My latest book of short stories, Beggar in Bogota, privately published, is being translated into Russian by the Boris Pasternak Museum in Moscow, and I gave a webinar for the Museum on September 16, 2017.  As well as telling and writing stories, I illustrate them.  (My first love and first training was in Fine Art.)

A bit about my stories:
My stories are mainly from my own experience, reflecting my own life and work, whether in England, my birthplace, or in Hungary, my present home or from the many other countries in which I have worked.  Most of my drive to write stories is to record the blend of the universal and the unique that is to be found in whatever we do, wherever and whoever we are.  My stories are short, some are just moments. I revel in the ubiquity of the values and concerns we share, I also revel in our utter idiosyncrasy.
During my story evening, I propose to tell a good variety of stories and talk about them, hoping that you will find them engaging.  At the same time, I hope my choice of stories will remind you of the many, many experiences you have had yourselves of individuals living out their lives.

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19:30 - 20:30
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RS9+ Vallai Kert
Rumbach S. u. 10.
Budapest, 1075
+ Google Térkép


Jegyfoglalás: / 06-1-269-66-10

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